The Vässla Pedal offers the rider everything needed in a two wheeled vehicle by only using the most necessary components on an ebike. Not following the standard models of 28-inch, the package was defined with 24-inch tires making it easier to ride in the city, allowing flexible movements and making it easier to enjoy the daily commute. The core piece is the unisex frame aiming to be inclusive, made to fit everyone, from gender to height. 2,5″ wide tires make an additional damper redundant. The vehicle has a removable battery for easy charging with up to 100 km of range for carefree rides and a 250W/45Nm rear hub motor giving the feeling of always riding downhill all the time with a maximum speed of 25Km/h. The integrated lights, both front and back, are designed with precision to complement the premium components, such as premium hydraulic brakes and all-year tires.

The seat ergonomics the Pedal offers have been added to make commuting more comfortable by seating in a position that will not put too much pressure on the wrists and strain the neck.
Another feature is the torque sensor, with intuitive assistance without gears with three power assist levels, which helps to assist the rider when pedalling faster.

unisex frame / 24 inch wheels

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