Packaging development for Matheis Textilgruppe and their bedding brand Schlafgut. ZANZOTTI was approached by the German bedding producer Matheis Textilgruppe with the task to develop a packaging for their bed sheets which are being shipped worldwide to warehouses and customers. Up to that moment the industry standard was to use polypropylene bags with major technical advantages. They were cheap, light, resistant to outer impacts such as water and pressure, and transparent in order to reveal the inside without the necessity to open. The only downside was the use of plastic and its lack of a recycling system in the focused markets. Trough a series of research, insights and prototypes ZANZOTTI refined the idea of creating a package consisting only of shredded recycled cardboard deriving from industrial waste. Outcome is a series of 100% biodegradable packages which are produced in special pulp moulding machines. Graphics by Abc&D.

100% Biodegradable
100% Schlafgut