ZANZOTTI is  supporting Durst, a manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, in the design development of their machines. The result of the partnership is a new design approach that takes up the machine design already developed in the 1990s by Otl Aicher, and systematically reduces it to its essence. The design is intended to be deployed across a large number of machines and product segments and guarantees their recognition despite varying requirements. The machine sizes can measure from between 5 to 45 m. A systematic construction block was developed upon which all future Durst printer machines will be organised. Thanks to the rationalised common parts strategy, quality and quantities are increased, while special components, and associated cost expenditure are minimised at the same time. Recurrent cladding elements on the different machines lead to reduced logistic expenditure for the manufacturer and for the client.

The new durst product design was awarded with the German Design Award Special Mention and the Good Design Award.

Both the machine and its application have been thoroughly analysed during intensive dialogue with companies and users. The insight gained from this serves as a basis for the new design of essential machine elements. Particular attention was paid to the design of the operator area. This is now defined by a larger interface zone as well as integrated drawers for storing both tools and personal possessions. The newly developed bulletin board creates a further level of personalisation with its wide selection of magnetic hooks. These have many uses: mounts for tools, hooks for keys or adhesive tape dispensers make handling the machine easier. Changing the ink cartridges is currently a messy business across the industry. The newly developed changing system enables the cartridge to be changed directly on the machine and creates a separate storage area in the machine for the ink tanks that are currently active. That means the periphery around the machine and also the machine itself remains permanently clean.