We are proud to present our award winning design development for Divus Italy:
The Circle an outdoor intercom for the modern home.

After analysing the company and the market extensively, comprehensive research took place in the form of architectural analyses, interaction studies by accessing and decoding entrance areas as well as assessing technological trends and technical feasibility.
In terms of formality, one basic shape in particular seemed to be omnipresent. A shape that can be found in architecture as windows and doors and in surface areas and units of measurement, that commands building modules and screens alike and thus also inevitably dominates the product portfolio of the various intercom manufacturers. The rectangle.
That’s why we started our design process with looking for the unusual, an appearance that stands out from the competition and sets new benchmarks in the process. A design that distances itself from all the strictly screened approaches and yet conforms perfectly to the various structural circumstances. A shape that immediately welcomes the user at the entrance, the gate or at the reception inside and communicates on different levels thanks to its changeability.

Circle: Iconic, minimalist, timeless.
Modern technologies, such as cameras, microphones, speakers, RIFD, lights and display, are discreet and virtually invisible, integrated behind a high-quality round panel made from glass, which gives the product its iconic character.
The product attracts attention when approached and welcomes the owner or guests in an entirely unique way. Be it for a detached house or a block of flats, the physical appearance of Circle is always the same, and the changeability supports an intelligent interface.
In stand-by mode, the floating surface is perfectly integrated into its environment thanks to its slightly reflective quality, and its soft round shape leaves a positive impression on passers-by.
It’s almost magical; the shining background lighting looks like an aura as darkness falls. The soft light brightens up the entrance area, discreetly provides additional security and helps with orientation.

Circle uniquely automates everyday functions and provides security and transparency in an environment that is constantly changing.