At every motor show there is the same scene: Instead of working on efficiency and sustainability, automobile concerns outbid themselves with unrealisable concept cars, extras and glossy surfaces.
The daily transportation of passengers as the main task of an automobile, takes a more and more of a back seat.
For the project HYPERCAR, which is the result of the bachelor thesis by Christian Zanzotti at the design faculty Munich, many different car drivers were interviewed. They were asked about characteristics of “good” cars, what they are missing about today’s cars and which questions are coming to their mind, when thinking about the issue “car”.
Why are car parts incompatible?
What are really new features of a new model?
When do I have to buy a new car?
Why are cars so impersonal?
Based on these statements a theory book was written, which takes its way back to basic questions about the automobile. It brings up different approaches on this issue, graphs them and simulates possible future scenarios. Out of this examination the HYPERCAR-SCULPTURE emerged, which was developed and designed together with the designer Kathrin Lach: Newly composed car parts and wooden bars marked with questions, merge the interior and exterior of the car. The sculpture ironically plays with customary trade show aesthetics and simultaneously embodies the main subject of the work. (feat. Kathrin Lach)