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      Christian Zanzotti has been selected as winner of the newcomer prize for the 2014 German Design Award. The announcement was made at the award ceremony for the presentation of the German Design Award, which took place during the consumer goods trade fair Ambiente in Frankfurt. Other finalists for the award were the communication designers Jan Filek…

  • IOOI

    Hookah design for IOOI. Radical, simple and elegant. Sophisticated materials are presented in a minimalistic an extraordinary design. Modern materials, like anodised aluminium, polished brass, crystal clear glass and 3D printed parts are composed to this outstanding sculpture. The hookah is avaiable at:     photo credits: Josef Beyer & Leopold Jonas

  • COREN (2012)

    The Fixed Gear Coren is the result of a collaboration between Munich-based designer Christian Zanzotti and a lightweight development company from Stuttgart. In 2011, Zanzotti was approached by the company to create a concept vehicle that showcased their expertise and technological superiority in processing carbon fibre. Zanzotti’s result was a modern and technologically advanced fixed-gear…

  • FIA TROPHY (2010)

    Trophy design for the second and third driver of the F1 championship. The trophy was awarded at the FIA gala in Monaco in December 2010 to 2nd Fernando Alonso and 3rd Mark Webber.            

  • ENGLHORN (2010)

    ENGLHORN is a small South Tyrolean cheese producer. By using the milk of only 15 cows a small amount of cheese is daily made in the own cheese dairy. In the last few years the quality of the cheese constantly increased. In 2010 the cheese RIMS was awarded with the first place at the world…

  • E-BIKE (2010)

    Electric bicycle concept made of carbon fiber. Top grade materials such as carbon fiber, high-alloy aluminium and leather are passionately combined and presented in extraordinary shapes. The E-Bike consists almost entirely of components developed and manufactured in Germany, all of which are calculated and designed with the utmost attention to detail.